Role play?

I kind of really want to roleplay this silly idea I’ve had where Marik is desperate for a job because Ishizu and Rishid are going to kick his ass to the curb if he can’t prove that he can be a good member of society. So in his search he gets turned down time and time again, even getting himself laughed out of Duke’s shop because of past experiences with him. After all this, he comes across one last place. The Kame Game Shop.

For those of you who don’t remember what that is, it is Solomon Muto’s (Yugi’s grandpa) game shop. It has this adorable little turtle on the sign since Kame means turtle in Japanese. 

Anyway, Marik walks in to find Solomon sweeping the floor and asks where the owner of the place is to which Solomon stops his chores and goes behind the counter revealing he is, in fact, the owner. Marik has his doubts. This place can’t possibly be worth working for but he is desperate so he asks if there is a position available. Solomon says he’s not exactly in the bracket for hiring despite his only help being busy with school and his friends all the time. 

Still desperate and noticing the cards for sale, Marik asks if the old man plays. Naturally, Solomon goes into a little rant about his olden days when he was quite the player. So Marik challenges him to a duel. If he wins, he gets a job there. If he loses, he’ll go away and bother someone else.

Seeing that the place is empty, Solomon hesitantly agrees. The outcome of the duel can be determined in the rp. Marik can either win or Solomon could and feel like giving Marik the job anyway or they could even tie, I don’t care. (Personally, I don’t see Marik losing to anyone but yeah.)

So Marik gets the job there but has no idea that this old man is Yugi’s grandpa. Days go by and Marik is working fairly well, I’m sure there are plenty of things he could get bored/into trouble with in that time. Hell, Bakura can even get a job there later with him or something- but eventually Marik will find out that Yugi lives there and there shall be one hell of an argument there. 

Anyway, yeah. Tons of things could happen. This is just some idea I’ve been wanting to try out for a while now. I don’t have to be Marik, I’m willing to be anyone/everyone else if need be. I just want to rp. Any takers?


I love when I get ahead of my opponent.

Just a peak at who I’m going as for Sakuracon.
That’s a jellyfish beanie baby I’m holding.





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Gah- nice things… I can do this!
1.) I like that I experiment with food and often more then not, it’s fantastic.
2.) I have lovely green eyes.
3.) I have a delightfully evil laugh.
4.) I like my tongue and love to wiggle it like Marik.
5.) I like my scars. They are from so many random things.


i require this


10 Fun Facts About Cannibalism (x)

Smile While You Can (Psychoshipping)

  Violet eyes glared down at a simple picture surround in a cheaply painted golden frame. The image was of his weaker half with his arm slung around the thief, Bakura. The two of them were grinning like idiots who were having a jolly good time.
  Oh, how he hated them both. Malik for being so pathetic and weak that he did not have the guts to do in his old man when he clearly wanted to. For being so desperate that he had to create Marik himself to do the deed. Marik, after all, had been the embodiment of everything Malik had once wanted to be. Cold, ruthless, and most important of all, free.
  Still, the person the dark spirited man found himself hating more than his hikari had been the one who his arm rested around in the picture. “Bakura,” the man growled under his breath. What a sickening creature that man was. Always hanging around with
his weaker self. Acting like Malik belonged to him. Oh how it aggravated him. But the worst thing about the thief that just dug in deep under his skin and gnawed away at him was his smile.
  A thin finger traced along the curve of the white haired man’s lips in the picture. The glass protecting it, cold and smooth to the touch though heat radiated in Marik’s cheeks. Oh how he hated this putrid thief. Those dark eyes full of enjoyment that the camera had captured perfectly stared back at him and yet the Ishtar felt no resentment for those eyes. Just an ever burning hatred for those pale lips that curled up in a joyous laugh.
  How he wanted to stand over the wretched pale man and kick his teeth in. To be the one laughing and looming over him like the powerful monster he was. Oh how he wanted to see fear in those eyes and hope lost. But most importantly, he wanted to see those lily white lips tremble. For true terror to seize that petty thief as he backed away into a corner. Just the very thought brought a faint smirk to Marik’s face.
  “Yes,” the blonde devil mused to himself as he sat the picture back onto the shelf. “One day, Bakura,” he purred. “One day you’ll be mine.” And when that day would come. Only one of them would be smiling…

(I wanted something dark and I was craving Psychoshipping. Gods, I wish someone would rp with me…)

Ironman!Seto. Took a while to do but he’s done.Message me if you have any ideas on who the other Avengers should be.

Ironman!Seto. Took a while to do but he’s done.
Message me if you have any ideas on who the other Avengers should be.